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We are an automation start-up focusing on providing highly customizable workflows that automate the marketing, sales, customer onboarding and post-sale support functions.

Our goal is to democratize automation as a way of life for businesses - whether they're large enterprises or start-ups.

Passion | Customer Centricity | Agility | Responsiveness | Innovation

We're continually building ready-to-deploy workflow templates that allow our customers to digitize their business processes. We empower them with a short Time-to-market, enabling their business to stay ahead of competition.

Our workflows can be deployed in a matter of minutes for a quick visualization of business outcomes.

The workflows are highly customizable, creating potentially unlimited use cases for businesses to digitize & automate.

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core features

We help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Specifically, we've integrated these features for immediate business outcomes.

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Process digitization

Identify business workflows that are candidates for digitization and accelerate their adoption for better business outcomes and great unit economics.

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Automation Service

Unleash NGageNOW - our omni-channel Business Workflow Automation framework to scale your Target Audience Engagement. PlugNPlay with RPA, RBA, ML, AI & NLP frameworks on demand.

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Analytics & Data science

Leverage the Predictive & Prescriptive models generated from big-data & machine learning frameworks, Dashboards & Scorecards to monitor business performance.

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Deploy automation, the easy way

First, Businesses sign-up on our platform and setup their account. They enable the workflows for specific functions like marketing, sales, customer onboarding, post-sale support, operations, etc. Then these workflows - available as Google Sheets - can be downloaded.
(~15 minutes)

Next, social media channels for target audience engagement - like Facebook, Telegram, Web-chat, etc. - are selected and mapped.
(~10 minutes)

Now, the workflow sheets are customized and the target audience engagement flow is designed.
(~15 minutes)

Optionally, multimedia content like images, videos, carousels, call-to-action buttons, etc. are setup to go with the workflow steps.
(~10 minutes)

Next, the API calls are setup, to transfer data (when the workflow terminates) to your backend systems like CRM, Collaboration Accounts, Databases and/or COTS products. The data include captured leads or customers' PII, product context, bar-codes, service ticket details, assigned agent details, etc. Anyway, these are also available in the framework's dashboard, by default.
(~10 minutes)

Finally, upload the workflows with a simple button click, test the conversation automation and GO LIVE.
(~15 minutes)


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Target Industries

Our digital workflows run on the cloud & delivered through Social Media, are built for businesses whose products & services are primarily used by retail customers.

However, our workflows provide such unlimited potential, any organization can leverage them to achieve Cost & Operational Efficiency and great User Engagement through Automation & Analytics. These users can be customers or the organization's internal stakeholders like employees, vendors or even the management.

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B2C - Consumer Space

Engage with customers during pre-sales, sales and post-sales by digitizing your Marketing, Sales & Customer Support operations.

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Banking & Insurance

Automate KYC processes, Claims Management & more with our Rule based Workflow Templates without the learning curve that AI needs.

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Setup a boilerplate automated funnel management and cross off your soft launch. Achieve automation maturity with customization as you scale.

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Educational Institutions

Deploy our WIKI Flow to address FAQs like Attendance, Holidays or Transport. Students can practice your Tests on their phones through our Q&A Flow.

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Housing Societies

Let residents raise a complaint or request for a plumber or electrician through our CaseCreate Flow with automated ticket management.

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News Media

Launch Opinion Polls, Exit Polls, Campaigns, etc. & analyze the trend for insights with our Survey Flow Template & Analytics engine.

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